It has become a leisure season where fresh green is deepened. After enjoying the nature of Hachimantai National Park, enjoy the hotel's seasonal multi-course meals.


Kiritampo birthplace, Kita Akita and Bijin-no-yu・Yuze Onsen Village

A beautiful hot spring village surrounded by natural beauty such as the Yoneshiro River, which truly delicious Akita Rice, New Akita thirtiy views"Yuze Valley".
It became a Choja by the guidance Danburi of (dragonfly) and Danburi Choja legend",
"Kissho Prince Legend" where the Yuze Onsen which was soaked for the Choja daughter who became the Choja of the Emperor to cure the disease was Yuze Onsen
Please enjoy the most Bijin-no-yu Tohoku where various legends remain.

Recommended information of the season

  • Only this season! Must-see if you live in Tohoku!

    As the name suggests, if you are applying for "Tohoku residents"
    No matter where you are living with you!

    Tohoku it is a traggu dish which is not so familiar in Tohoku
    Outstanding freshness "hot spring Toragu" by direct from aquaculture
    Odorless and delicate taste, and pre-washed white
    I can not collect the unique texture that is crunchy!

    \ Fufu thin·Fugu dust·Puffer fish risotto·Hirinka·Fried chicken/

    Enjoy a full course of Torafugu (Japanese blowfish)
    Please try only of the "six Tohoku prefectures split"Tohoku

  • Feel free to travel Petit hot spring-day trip plan

    With a multi- course meal course at this facility
    One day hot spring is also available.

    <Three plan are available>
    I can not stay, but I want to relax in the hot spring bath
    Please consider this.

    We accept reservations over the phone.
    "Inquiries", 0186-33-2011, to the reservation clerk

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Hime-no-Yu, Hime-no-yu


40-1 Yuzeonsen, Hachimantai, Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture

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About 15 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway - Kazuno Hachimantai IC toward Morioka area

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Free transfer from Yuze-Onsen Station
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Application for character naming campaign has ended

  • We are currently strictly screening

    "Oshuku Onsen Torafugu (Japanese blowfish)" with your cooperation
    Although it is a campaign for character name recruitment in charge of advertising
    It ended on September 15th.

    We are currently in the selection process.
    For those who have been brilliantly selected, they can be used Sanrokusou Group Hotel by the end of September
    Please expect a pair accommodation voucher!

    ※The announcement will be replaced with the shipment of prizes.

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